Age 10-12: Cultural Contributions - Civil Society

Unit 4: Islam Today

Activity: What Changed?
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What Changed?

Complete the following organizer, explaining how converting to Islam changed their lives.

 Cat StevensCassius Clay
Birth date

Birth place


Birth name

Islamic name

Meaning of name

Conversion year

Volunteer work with Islamic organizations

Activity: Describe a Change
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Describe a Change

Lifestyle changes
  1. Describe a change that you have made in your life.

  2. Why did you make the change?

  3. Who helped you make the change?

  4. Are you glad you made the change? Why?

Today approximately ⅕ of the world’s population is Muslim. Only about ¼ of this group live in the Middle East, however Arabic is still the language of the Qur'an even if it is not the native language of all Muslims.

Some famous people have converted to Islam, including Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer formerly known as Cassius Clay and Cat Stevens, a famous singer.