Age 10-12: Cultural Contributions - Civil Society

Unit 3: Islamic Governments

Activity: Describe the Government
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Describe the Government

Use the CIA World Factbook to complete the organizer on the Islamic countries listed.
CountryAfghanistanIranTurkeySaudi ArabiaIndonesia
Conventional long form name     
Government type     
Administrative divisions (number)     
Independence (date)     
Legal system      
Executive branch: Chief of state (name)     
Head of government (name)     
Cabinet (number)      
Legislative branch: Type      
Number of seats     
  1. List activities in which the government plays no role in your life.
  2. What do you conclude about the role government plays in your life?
Many Muslim countries are governed by Islamic law, which was written hundreds of years ago. Today there are struggles between Muslims who would like their government to be more conservative and religious, versus the Muslims who would like their government to be less traditional.

Activity: Authoritarian Decision Making
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Authoritarian Decision Making

Here are three new rules for the classroom that will start tomorrow.
  • All students must use red ink when writing in class.
  • You may speak only if your name begins with "C."
  • All students' notebooks must have their teacher's name written in bold letters.
  • Student names must be written in lower case in blue ink.

How do you like these rules? Why?

How easily do you think the students will adjust to the new rules?

Activity: Representative Decision Making
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Representative Decision Making

Here are the three rules for my group.

Here are the results of the group vote.

Activity: Authoritarian vs. Representative - Pros and Cons
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Authoritarian vs. Representative - Pros and Cons

When many people are involved in making rules, there are advantages and disadvantages. Complete the organizer with what you consider to be the most important advantages and disadvantages.







  1. When you researched Islamic governments, which governments do you feel are authoritarian decision – makers?

  2. Which Islamic governments do you feel are representative of the people?
There are two types of government. Authoritarian and Representative. Discuss the two types of government as you would normally. See the activities to the right of how these types of government would be put into a classroom.