Age 10-12: Cultural Contributions - Civil Society

Unit 1: Origins of Islam

Activity: Moral Dilemmas
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Moral Dilemmas

Problem How would you deal with it? Who/what helps you make that decision?
You find $100 on the sidewalk. No one is around. Do you keep the money? Would you take it to the police?
A new student arrives in Grade 6. He doesn’t speak English very well. At recess he stays by himself. Some people in your class start to bully him. What do you do?
You and your friends are at the mall. They dare each other to steal a chocolate bar from one of the stores. You don’t want to join in, but they are putting pressure on you to shop lift. What do you do?
You and your friends are shooting hoops after school one day. An unpopular classmate asks to play. What do you do?
A friend of your parents gives you a new gameboy that no one in your class has seen. You take it to school. Someone in your class who is not really your friend asks if he can try it. What do you do?

Activity: How Do You Make Decisions
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How Do You Make Decisions

Ask one of your classmates the following questions. Write their answers in the space provided.
  1. How do you make decisions?

  2. Do you ask anyone for help when you make decisions? Who?

  3. What happens if you make a wrong decision?

  4. How do the adults in your life help you to make decisions?

  5. How do your friends help you make decisions?

Muhammad is the prophet of Islam. He was born in Mecca and become a trader, spending a lot of time thinking and praying about life.

Map of Mecca In 610 CE, a messenger from God began to give him teachings and these teachings were put into the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an.

Qur'anThe Qur’an give Muslims moral rules by which they live. It is written in Arabic.