Age 9-11: Cultural Contributions - the Sciences

Here students will continue to explore cultural contributions, but specific to the Sciences. Botany, Mathematics, Irrigation and Geography are some of the topics covered in this section. Students will understand how ancient developments in these areas affect current scientific uses of similar procedures. Certain plants common to Islamic culture will be discussed and examples will be given of mathematics and geography still used today.

Complete Age 9-11: Cultural Contributions - the Sciences curriculum - (PDF - 1.3MB)

Curricular Connections:

Students learn about wetland ecosystems by studying life in a local pond, slough, marsh, fen or bog. Through classroom studies, and studies in the field, students learn about organisms that live in, on and around wetlands and about adaptations that suit pond organisms to their environment. Through observation and research, students learn about the interactions among wetland organisms and about the role of each organism as part of a food web. The role of human action in affecting wetland habitats and populations is also studied.

Curriculum Connection Activities

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