Age 7-9: Food, Geography & Belief Systems

In Grade 3, students begin to learn about the geography of Muslim cultures, and how this affects the types of food that is traditionally eaten. Muslim beliefs also have some rules about certain foods, like meat. These units coincide with students learning about different food groups, and include many pictures of traditional Muslim food as well as recipes that the students can try. Teachers may want to use these units in supplement to pre-existing curriculum on food groups and food preparation.

Complete Age 7-9: Food, Geography & Belief Systems curriculum - (PDF - 1.8MB)

Curricular Connections:

Grade 3 – Social Studies

Grade 3 students will investigate life in four diverse communities around the world. The contemporary communities examined will be drawn from India, Tunisia, Ukraine and Peru. Students will inquire into how geographic, social, cultural and linguistic factors affect quality of life in communities in the world. Students will enrich their awareness and appreciation of how people live in other places. Their understanding of global citizenship will be further developed and they will recognize Canada’s involvement in other parts of the world.

Curriculum Connection Activities

Tunisian Food
ACTIVITY: Halal Menu - (PDF)
ACTIVITY: Design a Restaurant - (PDF)
Tunisian Nomads
ACTIVITY: Brochure Design - (PDF)
ACTIVITY: Podcast Commercial on Tunsian Nomads - (PDF)
Education in India
CLASS DISCUSSION: Quality Education - (PDF)
CLASS DISCUSSION: What is a Madrasa? - (PDF)
ACTIVITY: Podcast About Education and Madrasas - (PDF)
Click here for more information on Grade 3 Curriculum Connections - (PDF - 1.4MB)