Age 6-8: Traditons

Unit 4: Children

Activity: Boy
Write 'boy' in Arabic, following the guide.
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This is how you write boy in Arabic.

Try and write boy yourself following the dots.


Boy follow dots



Optional Activity: Girl
Write 'girl' in Arabic, following the guide.
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This is how you write girl in Arabic.

Try and write girl yourself.


Arabic alphabetMuslim children often attend classes after school to learn Arabic. Usually these classes are after their regular school. Muslims believe it is important to be able to read and write in Arabic. The Qur’an, the book that tells about Islam, is written in Arabic. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters.

Activity: Good Behaviour
Describe a place you are expected to behave.
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Good Behaviour

Describe a place where you are expected to behave.

Who teaches you what to do?

What happens when you do not follow the rules?
Children read QuranMuslim children attend mosque regularly, and they are taught to read the Qur’an. They sit on the floor at the mosque, and they should behave well.

Final Activity: Wordsearch
Find the words using the clues.
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Age 6-8 Wordsearch

H  Y  G  F  J  N  L  F  V  B  N  F  O  A  D
H  Y  U  G  W  N  V  C  V  O  K  J  U  I  T
I  X  A  D  P  M  C  V  M  U  Q  R  C  U  O
J  N  C  N  W  Q  P  Y  F  H  H  S  M  X  T
A  A  D  O  N  E  N  I  L  F  E  L  J  U  I
B  D  G  O  T  X  H  O  M  T  N  L  A  O  F
P  W  W  I  N  T  R  C  A  B  N  R  Q  Q  W
Z  F  H  V  U  E  O  T  R  O  A  K  W  V  H
K  W  H  H  C  N  S  N  R  B  T  Q  B  S  J
I  W  T  D  L  D  W  I  I  R  E  F  D  V  C
N  C  H  N  E  E  Q  C  A  H  Z  N  Y  A  A
V  A  G  T  A  D  U  Y  G  S  Q  I  F  J  M
V  F  I  G  R  J  P  T  E  O  E  F  U  V  N
Y  N  R  N  Z  Z  D  S  M  K  D  B  W  S  K
U  Y  G  P  V  Q  N  V  F  L  K  O  G  E  Y

Use the clues below to help you find the words in the puzzle.
  1. The language all Muslims learn
  2. A cool fabric
  3. Three generations of one family living together
  4. Leaves used for colour
  5. Women’s head covering
  6. Men’s head covering
  7. Country with the largest number of Muslims
  8. Fabric made from plant fibers
  9. Wedding
  10. Family with only parents and children living together
  11. Side of the page you begin reading Arabic
  12. Country with 4 million Muslims
  13. Cool colour