Age 6-8: Traditons

In Grade 2, students are exposed to the traditions of Islamic life, such as clothing, location, and family life. Students are able to compare and contrast their cultural traditions with those of a typical Muslim family. Activities in these units range from answering questions about family, drawing family members and clothing, to mapping country locations on a grid. These units will allow teachers to show similarities and differences across cultures.

Complete Age 6-8: Traditions curriculum - (PDF - 1.5MB)

Curricular Connections:

Do you have a student, or several students in your classroom who are Muslim? Are you working on building community in your classroom, and/or school? Do you have an ELL student who would benefit from experiencing a connection between his first language and English?

These inquiry activities were created with the intention of developing an understanding of identity and community for both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

The following activities support a cross-curricular inquiry based on the current Program of Studies. When the new competency based curriculum rolls out in Alberta, the following inquiry activities will be transferable.

With the lean towards multi-aged learning, these inquiry activities have been grouped by age in order to take into consideration the levels of learning and understanding. This allows the teacher to work across the grades, or to create projects specific to an age group.

Curriculum Connection Activities


Grade 1 and 2 Social Studies

ACTIVITY: Muslims and Islam KWEL chart - (PDF)

Grade 1 Social Studies

ACTIVITY: Colour the Map - (PDF)

Grade 2 Social Studies

ACTIVITY: Location Grid - (PDF)

Grade 1 and 2 Social Studies

Family Life

Grade 1 and 2 social studies

ACTIVITY: Family Comparison - (PDF)


Grade 1 and 2 Art – Painting; Grade 1 Science - Creating Colour

ACTIVITY: Henna Art - (PDF)
Children - Literacy

Grade 1 and 2 Social Studies

ACTIVITY: The Swirling Hijab - (PDF)
ACTIVITY: Arabic Writing - (PDF)
Click here for more information on Grade 1 & 2 Curriculum Connections - (PDF - 1.3MB)