Age 5-7: Symbols & Celebratons

Unit 4: Hajj

Activity: The Maze
Navigate the maze journey from Start to Finish.

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The Maze

Here is a special journey for you to take. Try and find your way through the maze.

Journey Maze

Activity: Your Favorite Trip
Describe a journey you took using words and/or pictures.
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Your Favorite Trip

Have you ever been on a special journey? Describe the journey by answering the questions with either words or pictures or both.

Where did you go?
What did you do?
Who did you see?
What did you buy?
What was the best part of your trip?

Mecca, Saudi ArabiaHajj is when Muslims travel to Mecca (Saudi Arabia) because it is the centre of Islam. Usually Hajj happens in the last month of the Islamic year (remember lunar calendar). This journey is called a pilgrimage.

Final Activity: Crossword
Solve the words by using the clues given.
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Solve the words by using the clues given.

Age 5-7 Crossword

Eid decorationsEid-ul-Adha celebrate the Hajj pilgrimage. There are special prayers and a feast with family and friends. Muslims give meat to the poor. Meat is very expensive for poor people in many countries.